Here are some maps we made for school. North America South America Pooh Stick Island I have a second Pooh Stick Island! Pooh Stick Island is an imaginary world of mine. It is a big place in real life, but I call it Pooh Stick Island. I pretend that the…

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The ‘A’ Family

  Once upon a time, there were three “A”s. Mommy “A” said that Daddy was at work. Then Mommy “A” called Daddy “A.” After Mommy “A” called Daddy “A,” she said, “Baby A, you are going to see Daddy “A” soon.” That night, when all the “A”s were asleep, three…

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Explorers Guess Who?!?!

Explorers Facts: Christopher Columbus traveled from Spain to North America. Marco Polo traveled from Europe to China on the silk road. He came back to Italy with spices and silk. The people in Italy liked it a lot. John Cabot traveled to North America from England. Hernando De Soto searched…

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Christopher Columbus

Books mentioned: Pedro’s Journal by Pam Conrad, Encounter by Jane Yolen, illustrated by David Shannon. Paul’s Facts about Christopher Columbus: Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain. Christopher Columbus looked for Asia. Christopher Columbus wanted spices from Asia. Christopher Columbus was actually in North America. It was hard to sail the ship….

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The Native American Homes

by Mommy illustrated by Paul (Mommy is typing what Paul says.) The wigwam was made in the Northern Woodlands. The longhouse was built in the Northern Woodlands too. The teepees were built in plains (My favorite house that they made  It is my favorite because when we say it, it sounds…

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Paul ‘ s alphabet

Once upon a time, Paul decided to make the alphabet (by painting.) Mommy came down and got a glass of water. Paul painted the letters. here are of  his letters: Abcs Now Paul started singing: My table is not my secret hide out and my secret hide out is inside…

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A Dog (A Story)

A Dog (A Story) by Paul   Once upon a time, a dog wanted to write a story, and he didn’t know what words to write. The dog wrote words on different pieces of paper and put them on the grass. He wrote the things that he saw. He wrote the words that…

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Letters and Numbers

Once upon a time, there were two “A”s. Mommy “A” said that Daddy was at work. Then Mommy “A” called Daddy “A.” After Mommy “A” called Daddy “A,” she said, “Baby A, you are going to see Daddy “A” soon.” That night, when all the “A”s were asleep, three more…

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Pirate’s Cove

1. I went down a slide that was on top of a dragon 2. I went down another slide where I sat on a bag. I went down really fast! 4. The carousel was a really long ride and I like it. 5. I went on a Safari express and…

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Palmyra and Kirtland

We went to Palmyra. We went to church in Palmyra! We saw the temple in Kirtland. We saw the Sacred Grove. Joseph Smith prayed there. Joseph Smith lived a long time ago. We saw where The Book of Mormon was printed. I got pages of The Book of Mormon. I love…

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A Story of a Maze

Maze Story Once upon a time, there was a sea turtle named Sea Turtle and he wanted to see his friend Turtle. Sea Turtle went on a path and looked for his friends. He went one way and turned one way and he turned again and he turned again. But…

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The Earth’s Crust Game

Mom and I read through a book about the Earth. We learned how the Earth’s crust moves, what volcanoes and earthquakes are, and what all of that means for us. We made an “Earth’s Crust” board game.

Landing on a volcanic eruption costs you two tokens, and the squares before and after it are labeled “volcanic ash” and cost you one token. A “sleeping volcano” earns you a token. Landing on an earthquake also costs you a token.

We made questions from sentences from the book. When we land on a blank space on the board, we have to answer a question. Right answers get us more tokens.

Whoever has the most tokens when we’re done playing the game wins!