The Letter

Story the Letter Once upon a time, there was a letter sitting in the window. Then the train took the letter and put it in a box and the train put the box in a treasure chest full of bones. The train put the treasure chest in the caboose of the…

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Rhyming Words

I found most of these words in books by Dr. Seuss. Mom helped me think of the others. I am Paul the Rhyming Boy. Since I am a rhyming boy, I can think of rhymes too! I like to rhyme all of the time. give me a  dime? -im words…

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Seeds and Plants

Today, we learned about seeds and plants. First, I touched seeds (Lima beans). One was hard. Two were soft. The soft ones were a little bit squishy. When my friend Michael squished his too hard, the seed coat came off the seed. Then, I got seeds and planted them in…

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We visited Nauvoo!

I sang a song called “There are many temples in many lands.” while Dad went in the temple.

Here are some pictures I took:

Mom took these of me:

Once we got home, I recounted all my experiences in this video:

Too tall Houses

I like Too Tall Houses, because there are two friends who keep building their houses bigger! They are not happy in the middle of the book. At the end of the book, they built their houses in to outer space and the houses fell down! Then they made one house for both of …

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I like Stuck because it is Silly. Stuck is Silly because a boy threw his shoes, a cat, a ladder,and lots of other things up in  to a tree. He threw them because his kite got stuck in the tree. He finally got his kite down. But when the boy was sleeping, he…

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