Alma 58:13-30 Visual Representation

Verses 13-15 Helaman and his army gather outside of Manti. They are spotted by the Lamanites. Verses 16-17 Two portions of Helaman’s army, lead by Gid and Teomner hide in two different places. Verses 18-19 The Lamanites chace Helaman without noticing Gid and Teomner. Verses 20-23 Gid and Teomner capture Manti easily anfter the Lamanite have left. The Lamanites continue chasing Helaman towards Zarahemla. Verses 24-26 The Lamanites are afraid because Zarahemla is too big of a city for them to take without being destroyed. They turn around and pitch their tents as night falls. Helaman passes them in the […]

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Alma 52:21-40 Visual Representation

Verses 21-23 Jacob the Zoramite and his army do not know that anything is happening yet. Moroni hides on the west of Mulek and Teancum on the east, with their armies. Lehi waits in Bountiful with his army, guarding it. Verses 24.25 Teancum lets the Lamanite guards see them. Jacob chases them towards the seashore. After they leave, Moroni takes control of the city. Verse 26 Moroni starts chasing Jacob. Jacob continues chasing Teancum without noticing Moroni. Verses 27-30 Jacob runs into Lehi and company. Teancum continues towards the seashore. Verses 31-40 Jacob turns back, scared for the safety of […]

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ML 2018 Event 8: Archery and Closing Ceremony

[tabby title=”Description”] Introduction-0:00 Clearys-0:51 White Cans-2:42 Multi-Greens-4:00 Big Blues-5:23 Multis-6:50 Rainbows-8:04 O’Rangers-10:56 This Event Scores-13:30 Closing Ceremony-12:46 Trivia: On the day I posted this, I wore the same shirt I wore in the video. [tabby title=”Scoring”] The table has dominoes on it. I flick marbles around the table, each team…

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ML 2018 Event 7: Funnel Spinning

[tabby title=”Description”] Introduction-0:00 Round 1-2:13 Round 2-4:38 This Event Scores-6:45 All ML Scores-8:20 [tabby title=”Scoring”] One member from each team goes down the funnel at the same time.  At the end there is a jump and 3 marbleworks pieces. The middle piece is 3 points; the top piece is 2…

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ML 2018 Event 6: Block Pushing

[tabby title=”Description”] Please remember that the team rosters have changed since I filmed this event, so Greeny and Jack are NOT retiring. ‘The Mom* Team’ gave a demonstration-0:00 Clearys-2:20 White Cans-4:28 Multi-Greens-5:51 Big Blues-7:29 Note on Big Blues (not in video, SPOILER OF THE FINAL EVENT SCORES, select text to…

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ML 2018 Event 3: Balancing

[tabby title=”Description”] [expand title=”What is in the main video”] In the video, Paul and Caroline gave an introduction. 0:00 to 1:57 Next, teams went. 1:57 to 12:07 Then, I showed the new scoring system. 12:07 to 13:00 Last, I showed scores. 13:00 to 14:10 Clearys 1:57 White Cans 2:58 Multi-Greens…

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2018 ML Event 2: Long Jump

[tabby title=”Description”] note: The Long Jump has been called ‘The High Jump’ accidently. [expand title=”What is in the main video”] In the video, Paul and Caroline gave an introduction. 0:00 to 1:32 Next, teams went. 1:32 to 6:00 Last, I showed scores. 6:00 to 10:58 Clearys 1:34 White Cans 1:53…

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ML 2018 Event 1: Dive

[tabby title=”Description”] [expand title=”What is in the main video.”] In the video, Caroline and I gave an introduction. 0:00 to 0:31 Next, I explained the scoring 0:31 to 1:34 Third, teams went. 1:34 to 7:15 Last, I showed the scores. 7:15 to 8:03 Clearys 1:39 White Cans 2:19 Multi-Greens 3:12…

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2018 Marblelymic Opening Ceremony

[tabby title=”Description”] The Opening Ceremony for the Fall 2017 Marblelymics! WARNING: the music gets a lot louder at 0:10 [expand title=”What is in the main video.”] In the video, each team will go down a marble works piece, then their team name will show. 0:00-0:49 Next, a picture of each…

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Car Oops!

My inspiration was just that Mom was taking pictures for fun like she was making a stop motion video and I decided to too. I didn’t really have a plan–I just wanted to car to go across the screen. The movie kinda wrote itself, so yes, the plan did change. car…

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The Christmas Spirit

I watched a video in which the parents were talking about gifts and since they didn’t have a job they couldn’t get very much gifts. But the girl was taking lots of things to her room. The rest of the family followed her and saw the huge mess she made….

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What’s happening with the kids?

Paul My piano skills are getting better and better! I made a 13-minute video that has recordings of 12 songs I played on the piano! (I can only play hot cross buns four different ways.) For all of these songs (except LDS songs and songs that I memorized) I used flowkey to…

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2016 Drama Camp

A couple weeks ago, I was in a play of “Two gentlemen of Verona” by William Shakespeare. Prep was two-week long. The Wednesday in the first week was the day I learned who I was going to be! I am Sir Eglamour. I memorized my lines at home and we practiced…

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Looking for a new table

We needed a new table, so we went on a drive looking for one!  Photos taken along Lake-Cook Road and U.S. Route 14 from Algonquin to Barrington.   It kinda looks like the water tower is on the trees! Algonquin, Illinois I love the contrast between the building and the sky! Algonquin, Illinois   The first place we went to didn’t have a table we liked, so we kept driving!   Lake Barrington, Illinois Barrington, Illinois   Then we went to a second store, and they had one!   Barrington, Illinois   We drove home, then Dad drove back to […]

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One day, we were eating breakfast, and we looked out the window and saw not one, but two ducks! Throughout their visit, we realized that they were molting, and therefore couldn’t fly. Since Woods Creek, the nearest body of water, is about a quarter-mile away, we were surprised they walked all the way over here! In any case, we went outside to (from a distance) observe them and take some pictures. Here are my favorites! When we got out, they were resting. We played outside until they woke up. They crossed the street (safely, good) and headed towards the creek. […]

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Boone Creek Conservation Area

Dad and I went to the Boone Creek Conservation Area. First he taught me about shudder speed and how if I slow it down and take a picture of something moving really fast, the picture is not blurry. Then we went on a walk! To me, the footprint looks like it’s on the moon!

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Drive up Rt. 47

About a week after I got my first camera with changeable exposure, aperture, ect., we went for a drive and I took pictures!


Mom felt a little sick, so we had to pull over. I took this picture while we were waiting for her. Huntley, Illinois


I took a picture of Caroline, since there wasn’t much else to photograph! Huntley, Illinois


I took this picture of the gas station awning as we were driving under it! Woodstock, Illinois


I love the color on this one! Woodstock, Illinois


I thought it was weird to have a phone booth for anyone to use. Woodstock, Illinois


I seem to like vibrant colors. Woodstock, Illinois


This town has a basketball theme. They put basketball hoop backboards on all their light posts! Hebron, Illinois


Next, we went to a family favorite restaurant for ice cream!


I like how I captured the tree right in front of the silo. Woodstock, Illinois


Next, Dad went to Dollar General and bought Caroline and I a toy plane and a pinwheel each!


We went to a park to play with them. Emricson Park, Woodstock, Illinois

Pirate Emergency

A few weeks ago  I made a stop motion video. I took some pictures of the different parts, and the link at the end of the post goes to my stop motion video called “Pirate Emergency”. The video is 17 seconds long. Here are the pictures and the video. Pirate Emergency!!!!!!!!!

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Two Boys and a Volcano

Paul learned about Pompeii when he read a Magic Tree House book about it. We extended the learning by making a baking soda/vinegar volcano with a friend, Kaleb. Then Paul learned even more about Ancient Rome and Pompeii and he gave a report at Co-op. Source: Two Boys and a…

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We visited Nauvoo!

I sang a song called “There are many temples in many lands.” while Dad went in the temple.

Here are some pictures I took:

Mom took these of me:

Once we got home, I recounted all my experiences in this video:

Explorers Guess Who?!?!

Explorers Facts: Christopher Columbus traveled from Spain to North America. Marco Polo traveled from Europe to China on the silk road. He came back to Italy with spices and silk. The people in Italy liked it a lot. John Cabot traveled to North America from England. Hernando De Soto searched…

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The Earth’s Crust Game

Mom and I read through a book about the Earth. We learned how the Earth’s crust moves, what volcanoes and earthquakes are, and what all of that means for us. We made an “Earth’s Crust” board game.

Landing on a volcanic eruption costs you two tokens, and the squares before and after it are labeled “volcanic ash” and cost you one token. A “sleeping volcano” earns you a token. Landing on an earthquake also costs you a token.

We made questions from sentences from the book. When we land on a blank space on the board, we have to answer a question. Right answers get us more tokens.

Whoever has the most tokens when we’re done playing the game wins!

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