Alma 52:21-40 Visual Representation

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Verses 21-23

Jacob the Zoramite and his army do not know that anything is happening yet. Moroni hides on the west of Mulek and Teancum on the east, with their armies. Lehi waits in Bountiful with his army, guarding it.

Verses 24.25

Teancum lets the Lamanite guards see them. Jacob chases them towards the seashore. After they leave, Moroni takes control of the city.

Verse 26

Moroni starts chasing Jacob. Jacob continues chasing Teancum without noticing Moroni.

Verses 27-30

Jacob runs into Lehi and company. Teancum continues towards the seashore.

Verses 31-40

Jacob turns back, scared for the safety of Mulek. Lehi pursues him. Jacob runs into Moroni and realizes that they’re surrounded.

Moroni’s and Jacobs’s armies fight each other while Lehi watches. Jacob dies and Moroni is wounded. Lehi suddenly starts fighting as well. The Lamanites are confused about who to fight and even whether they should fight at all!

Moroni says they would stop fighting if they “bring forth [their] weapons of war and deliver them up.” Those who didn’t give their weapons to Moroni got them forcefully taken from them and all of the Lamanites became prisoners.

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