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Last week there was a fire on our porch!

Okay, let’s back up. I was doing a deep-clean of my room, so I sometimes stayed up late. One night, I stayed up till 9:30. I was in my bed, still, awake, when I heard the garage. Dad must be home. A couple of minutes later, I heard dad calling mom’s name. I thought he was really mad about something.

But then he yelled, “Rebecca! Everyone out of the house! Now! Out of the house!”

I heard mom and dad coming upstairs. I started down the ladder for my loft bed. Dad opened my door, turned on my light, told me to go outside, and got mary. Mom got Caroline. We got outside to the curb and dad told us what happened.

He was hungry so he went outside to grill some chicken. But there was a leak in the tube for the propane tank, so it started a little porch fire!

Dad called 9-1-1. A cop car came. The cop went around to look at the fire. Another cop came. These cops were there to block it off, but the first cop said they didn’t need to and dismissed him.

Four fire trucks came. The fire was put out. the deck went down 1/4 in, but everything was good.

Not exactly like this but similar. A black, unmarked police car.  #1 #2 two of these (one of these got dismissed)


Yes, Huntley too!


The next day, we found a fireman’s hood on the grass. we went to the fire station to return it. by the door there was a button that said to push for help. we pushed, and we told them why we were thee. we went inside, and there was a big fire truck in the front hall! we gave the hood to the receptionist, and se gave us play firemen hats.


Note: not real pictures (vehicles where very similar)

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