ML 2018 Event 3: Balancing

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In the video, Paul and Caroline gave an introduction. 0:00 to 1:57

Next, teams went. 1:57 to 12:07

Then, I showed the new scoring system. 12:07 to 13:00

Last, I showed scores. 13:00 to 14:10

Clearys 1:57

White Cans 2:58

Multi-Greens 4:22

Big Blues 5:56

Multis 7:50

Rainbows 10:10

O’rangers 11:20

New score system 12:07

This vid scores 13:00

All ML scores 13:46

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Poopie’s Turn. 0:00

A block fell. 0:44

[/expand] [tabby title=”Scoring”]

A team will get two chances to get a high score. First, I would put a marble down the ramp, and when it falls off, the amount of inches would be their score. Next, their teammate would go.

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