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Nevertheless, after many days their dead bodies were heaped up upon the face of the earth, and they were covered with a shallow covering. And now so great was the scent thereof that the people did not go in to possess the land of Ammonihah for many years. And it was called Desolation of Nehors; for they were of the profession of Nehor, who were slain; and their lands remained desolate.

What does that mean? So, there were dead bodies lying everywhere in Ammoniah, and it smelled really bad. It was called the “Desolation of Nehors”. What does that mean? The dictionary says that desolation is

a state of complete emptiness or destruction.

So the Nehors were destroyed, and their lands were desolate. But why were they called “Nehors”? he verse says that “they were of the profession of Nehor”, which means that they followed Nehor. They agreed with what Nehor, the man who killed Gideon, said.

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