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Lately, I have been learning the programming languages PHP (server-side scripting) and JavaScript (client-side scripting). I’ve already learned HTML5 (web pages) and CSS (web formatting). Soon, I’ll start learning MySQL (databases) and jQuery (compressed JavaScript). I’m going to put all my work on a new subdirectory to my photo gallery site. I already have some things on there, although none of them competed other than The Periodic Table of Elements. You can access the new directory by clicking here or on the new “Paul’s Coding” link in the header.

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  • Hi, Paul, Grampa S. here. SQL is a marketable skill–it’s used in PC-based databases and mainframe databases. Soak up as much as you can of the SQL.

    Do you have a sample database to practice on? Learning the language is much more effective when you create or have available a practice database.

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