Going To The Temple and Other Fun/New Priesthood Opportunities

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In the last 4 weeks, I have had many fun and new priesthood opportunities. First, I received the priesthood. Then, I got my recommend and went to the temple. I had my first deacons quorum meeting the next day; and after church,  I learned indexing. Tomorrow, I will pass the sacrament for the fist time!

Because the date when people receive the priesthood changed, I had my interview on December 30th, 2018. I received the priesthood the next week (January 6th, 2019) after church. I had wait a week after my interview because it wasn’t  January yet. But, if there wasn’t the change, I would have had to wait 10 months for October!

On the 11th of January, Dad picked up my temple recommend so I could go inside my first temple (the Nauvoo Illinois temple) with him the next day. Even though we only had 9 names, we ended up doing 29 names! We tried to go to the temple at 9 AM, but we drove off the road since it wasn’t plowed yet. We had to get towed. We went at 12 PM instead. We stepped  off the stairs at the exact same moment Brother Sharpe got down the elevator. Brother Sharpe had names and no one to be baptized for them. We had 9 names and Brother Sharpe had about 20 (male) names. After we did the baptisms and confirmations, a member of the temple presidency talked to us about the temple. Did you know that when God reveled that you could do baptisms for the dead in the temple, the temple workers made the baptismal font very big so 2 people could get  baptized in it at a time?

Last Sunday, I indexed 11 WWI registration cards. After my 1st quorum meeting, I called Grandma Peggy and she taught me how to index. I indexed a card that was already indexed so it checked my answers first. Grandma walked me through on that one. Then, I indexed 11 more cards by myself. Next week, I will pass the sacrament for the first time–and my quorum leader said that he would have me pass it to my family!

All of these things are fun and important. I am exited to do more temple work, indexing, quorum meetings, and sacrament-passing. The priesthood is the most important because without the priesthood, we could not have temple ordinances, the sacrament, and blessings! The temple is important because if we had no temple, we would have no temple ordinances, and then the dead could not go back to heaven! The sacrament is important because without it, we could not repent, and then we wouldn’t  be able to go to heaven again! Indexing is important because it helps people at the temple know about people who are dead and then they could do the dead people’s ordinances! I am glad we have the priesthood on the earth today.

My Outline:


I.  3724hrs many funew priesthood opportunities

  1. received priesthood
  2. got recommend, temple
  3. deacons quorum 1st , indexing
  4. will pass sacrament sun


II.  cus when ppl.  receive preist-h. changed, inter-v.=30th,

  1. recive prest-h. on 6th after church
  2. had wait 7*24hrs for jan
  3. change, wait 10mths for oct!


III. 18th dad pck^ recommend, Nauvoo tmpl 1st [ticktock], 30nms

  1. go tmpl 9, drove > road cus plowed, twed
  2. go 12, get \/ stairs, sme [ticktock] bro get \/ elvator
  3. bro sharpe have names, prsn gt bptizd
  4. we have 9nmes, Bro s. have abt. 20 (m) nmes
  5. tmpl presidency talk abt. templ
  6. font biggest, 2 ppl bptizd [ticktock]


IV. index 11 wwi rgstrtn cards last sun

  1. aft. 1st qurm mting, call grma peggy, tech indx
  2. index sample card w/grma 1st
  3. index 11 more crds self
  4. next week pass scrmnt 1st [ticktock]
  5. love indexing


V. all fun, exited mo’ tmpl, indx, quorum, scrmt

  1. priesthood impnt. bc. w/o p-h, tmpl ordinances, scrmt, blessings, etc.!
  2. tmpl impnt. bc.   tmpl = ordinaces = dead –> hevn again
  3. sacrament impt. bc. scrmnt = repent = –> hevn again
  4. indexing impt bc. hlp. ppl. tmpl. knw. abt. dead ppl.

2 thoughts on “Going To The Temple and Other Fun/New Priesthood Opportunities

  • Paul, we are grateful that you are worthy and prepared to serve in the Priesthood. We are so pleased that you will be able to participate in delivering the sacrament and providing temple blessings. The priesthood is all about service! Thank you for the great news! Grandma and Grandpa

  • This is wonder. A great journey entry. We are very proud of you and what you are doing and your great attitude. We are blessed to have you as a grandson. Keep up the good work. Love you

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