Michigan Upper Peninsula Waterfall Trip

Caroline, Dad, and I went to the Michigan Upper Peninsula on a photography trip! This was Caroline’s first overnight trip focusing on pictures and without Mom. We were away from home for 4 days. See my post on Paul S. Reid Photos about this trip if you just want to see my pictures.

The Crazy Camping Trip | By Nathan, Paul, Caroline, Ronin, and Isabel.

Once there was a pig. He was an ordinary pig, except for the fact that he loved to camp. One day when he was camping, he stumbled along a cow. He found out this cow also loved to camp. Indeed, this cow was so large, he could cause a tsunami…

Going To The Temple and Other Fun/New Priesthood Opportunities

In the last 4 weeks, I have had many fun and new priesthood opportunities. First, I received the priesthood. Then, I got my recommend and went to the temple. I had my first deacons quorum meeting the next day; and after church,  I learned indexing. Tomorrow, I will pass the…

Boone Creek Conservation Area

Dad and I went to the Boone Creek Conservation Area. First he taught me about shudder speed and how if I slow it down and take a picture of something moving really fast, the picture is not blurry. Then we went on a walk! To me, the footprint looks like it’s on the moon!