2018 Marblelymic Opening Ceremony

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[tabby title=”Description”] The Opening Ceremony for the Fall 2017 Marblelymics!
WARNING: the music gets a lot louder at 0:10
[expand title=”What is in the main video.”] In the video, each team will go down a marble works piece, then their team name will show. 0:00-0:49
Next, a picture of each team will show with the team name, marble names, and a like list. 0:48-2:32
Third, a picture of the audience members will show with their names and 0-2 pieces of trivia. 2:32-3:12
View the marble’s lists of what they like and the trivia (shown in the video) as a pdf here!
Fourth, some credits will show. 3:12-3:40
From 3:40-4:44, pictures will show what I used to make the Marblelymic Games.
Second to last, the names and order of the events will show with 5-second excerpts from the videos. 4:44-4:57
Last, I will share a note with you. 4:57-5:33
What I said (raw unedited transcript)
Hello everybody! Hi. I am so so excited to do Marblelympics with you guys! But, before I start, I have a couple of things to say. The fall ML might go into wintertime so you’ll see fall stuff appearing in winter. Because of this, ML will be will be yearly, not seasonally, no matter what I say. So. And I might say other things that will change later as well. But please enjoy! Me and Caroline will see you soon in the first event, The Dive, coming soon.
[/expand] [expand title=”What is in the blooper video”] Mary wanted to be in the background and neither of us wanted to move!
[/expand] [tabby title=”Main Video”]

View the marble’s lists of what they like and the trivia (shown in the video) as a pdf here!
[tabby title=”Bloopers”]

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