A Dog (A Story)

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A Dog (A Story) by Paul dog 5 dog story 2 Once upon a time, a dog wanted to write a story, and he didn’t know what words to write. The dog wrote words on different pieces of paper and put them on the grass. He wrote the things that he saw. He wrote the words that he knew how to write. He wrote his favorite words. That night, the dog went to a tree near his home. He sniffed, and he sniffed a really sweet smell. Then he went home and went to sleep. dog story The next morning, he went back to the tree. He saw an owl! The owl was falling asleep. The dog said, “Ow-wl! I am going to make a story!”  Then he went back home and saw a tree covered with paper! dog 6 It was the paper he wrote words on! Then he put the words in the correct sentences he wanted them to be in. Then he copied the different paragraphs on to a different paper. Then he stapled a side of his book. (It was two staples.) dog 3 Then he went back to the owl. The owl was waking back up again (and it was afternoon). And then the dog told his story. dog 4 The owl said to the dog, “You made an awesome story!” “The” said the owl “End,” said the dog.dog 7Information: When I was writing this story, I wrote “courage” (courage Paul typed that word!). (Story liberally inspired by Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hill)

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