A Review of the Wizard of Oz

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Dorothy went through a cyclone! I liked the book because the flying monkeys were nice. I liked when Dorothy melted the witch. (It was so amazing!) Dorothy got on glasses at the Emerald City. Dorothy got attacked by the fighting trees and the Hammer-heads. At the end of the book, Dorothy got home again!
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  • Paul,
    I enjoyed your review of The Wizard of Oz. I had forgotten that the winged monkeys were slaves of the Wicked Witch and were really nice after they were freed. I had only remembered that they captured Dorothy and her friends. Thanks you for correcting my misconception about their characters!
    I enjoyed our day at the train museum last week. Maybe we can have one more outing before I go back to school. Do you want to go to Blackberry Historical Park next week? Ask your mom about your schedule. I am free on Thursday and Friday.

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