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The Comanche Indian tribe were Northern riders, fighters, and raiders. They didn’t believe in the foolish traditions of their fathers–that the tree on the ’Hill-of-Peace’ was sacred. One stormy day, a battle raged. A rocky butte in the distance had no grass and the sacred tree sat on a nearby hill. Two Pawnees chased by Comanches, who were on horses, quickly pause by the sacred tree.

The Pawnees, who needed a break from fighting, wanted peace! The exhausted Pawnees thought the Comanches would stop chasing at the Hill-of-Peace. But the Comanches galloped on. The Pawnees fled and the Comanches shot arrows wildly.

Suddenly, a white light flashed. The Pawnees saw still forms and fire everywhere around the tree. The fierce Comanches had died from a lightning strike, which scarred the tree but left it otherwise okay. Now all Indians humbly give offerings to the sacred tree. No war goes there. Now the Comanches believe!

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