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Explorers Facts:

  • Christopher Columbus traveled from Spain to North America.
  • Marco Polo traveled from Europe to China on the silk road. He came back to Italy with spices and silk. The people in Italy liked it a lot.
  • John Cabot traveled to North America from England.
  • Hernando De Soto searched for gold in North America.
  • Bartolomeu Dias did not see North America.
  • Francisco Coronado searched for cities of gold and was the first European to see the Grand Canyon.
  • Juan de Ponce de Leon explored Florida for gold. He did not find it.
  • Amerigo Vespucci went where Columbus went and decided it was a different continent.
  • Balboa was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean.
  • Magellan sailed around the world. He found the Philippines. He died in the Philippines.
  • Leif Erikson settled in North America but didn’t stay. He was born in Iceland and lived in Greenland. It was very cold where he was born.
  • Jacque Cartier looked for a Northwest Passage to Asia. He was a French explorer.
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