First Nothing, Then Something at the Farm

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Once upon a time, there was nothing. Then, there were lots of animals. Then Paul decided it would be a farm. A farmer and more animals went to the farm.

Then they went to the shop to buy some vehicles. But there were lots of cars and vehicles! The zebra went back to the farm to get the shopping list. And then the zebra went back to the shop and they got all the vehicles.

They bought them and went back to the farm in their new special vehicles. When they got back to the farm, it rained. But there wasn’t enough water for the ship. Then it was the next morning. It had rained all night. The next night it rained again and there still wasn’t enough water for the ship! Then it was morning time again. It rained the next night and the next morning it was morning time. There was water for the ship! They got into the new vehicles and drove behind the ship on the water. Then the ship and all the other vehicles were on top of underground. The farm was underground. They got all the other vehicles, especially the trains. One train was behind trees and a boat. But they cannot see the front of the train. They can see the back of the train. Then they got in the middle of the boat and trees. They saw the front of the train. Then they got lots more vehicles. They got a police car, and a regular car, and a taxi, and stoplights and more trains. And they got back in their new vehicles and went back to the farm underground. They parked their cars and the captain of the ship parked his boat. They got out of their vehicles and the ship. And they had a good time after.

The End.

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