From Tree to an Ox Yoke

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An Indian boy, who saw a young cottonwood sapling, was both happy and surprised to see the tree because there were no other trees around him. But buffalo were coming to drink in the lake next to the tree. Although the tree was planted in rocks, the thirsty beasts would scratch the tree! Piling up rocks around it, the determined scout briefly decided to defend the lonely tree.

Years later, Jed Simpson and Buck Smith disappointingly looked at the tree, which was completely dead. They were sad because they enjoyed the old cottonwood. Buck accepted that it happened, and although Jed knew it was dead, he didn’t want to accept it. One time, when Jed and Buck were being chased by Indians, who thought the tree was sacred, disappeared when Jed and Buck neared the tree. Now it was simply a hollow post office tree. Looking up they could see offering on it. Jed and Buck mourned that the cottonwood tree was dead.

A couple more years later, the dead tree was carefully carved into an ox yoke, since a thunderstorm broke ed and Buck’s yoke. And oh, what an ox yoke! There were curios, such as bullets, offerings, and arrowheads, outlined with brass nails. Bells rang with the movement. Jed, Buck, and the yoke arrived at Santa Fe to trade goods. It was a surprise that they arrived because they went over a mountain! Now the yoke, which was so important to Jed and Buck, was a decoration.

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