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“…and these plates are full…” writes Amaleki in Omni 1:30. But wait! How could that be? The Book of Mormon isn’t even halfway done! Remember 1 Nephi 9:2? “And now, as I have spoken concerning these plates, behold they are not the plates upon which I make a full account of the history of my people; for the plates upon which I make a full account of my people I have given the name of Nephi; wherefore, they are called the plates of Nephi, after mine own name; and these plates also are called the plates of Nephi.” So there are two plates. Those plates are full. At the end of the Book of Mormon, Mormon and Moroni compile many plates, including both plates of Nephi. The first part of the Large Plates of Nephi were lost, but we have another record of the same thing: the Small Plates. We just finished reading the Small Plates. Now we will read the second part of the Large Plates.

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