The Holy Ghost (or I think)

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The following stories is about a time when The Holy Ghost (or I think) helped my family.

I don’t remember why, but once we had a pipe going into the downstairs sink. Sometimes it moved and water spilled out onto the floor. I was playing with Caroline and I decided to show her the pipe I went to mom’s desk and showed her. But the pipe had moved and water was spilling out onto the floor! I ran upstairs, wok mom and told her. We got towels and wiped up the mess. Luckily, nothing other than the sink and the floor got wet. But think about what would had happened if I didn’t show Caroline, or at least go in the school room. Allot of thing would have gotten wet! Or by the time the water got to the playroom, we probably would have been done playing. We would have put the toys away, but still, maybe we still could not see the water by the toy cabinet at the time! There is a chance that the whole basement might have been flooded!

basement map
The toy cabinet is next to the playroom in the schoolroom, but the game cabinet is by the invisible wall. I don’t remember if we were playing with toys or playing a game. Mom’s desk is right across from it.


I don’t remember why, but once when I was younger we were driving somewhere and there was an intersection with a one-way road going across the road we were on. Dad started to turn left, but I shouted “ONE WAY” and dad quickly turned left. (Or vice-versa) What had happened was that you could only turn left on the one-way road, so reading the one-way sign pointing the other way, I knew we could only turn left! I was about four-years-old and I don’t think very many four-years-old kids could read. So maybe the holy ghost helped me to learn at such an early age!

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