What’s happening with the kids?

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My piano skills are getting better and better! I made a 13-minute video that has recordings of 12 songs I played on the piano! (I can only play hot cross buns four different ways.)

For all of these songs (except LDS songs and songs that I memorized) I used flowkey to learn them. Flowkey is an online site where you can learn how to play the piano, through cable or microphone. For LDS songs I just looked at sheet music. For songs that I memorized I used Musiah, an app where you can learn how to play the piano, through cable only. It also has a story with it, aliens are attacking earth and I have to learn how to play ‘The lost song’ on the piano to be able to stop the aliens. But first I have to get at least eighty percent on over 117 songs before I can even see the sheet music for The lost song.

If you want to know about her, check out her own blog here!

Her first ‘step’! I stood her up and let her hold on to the stool. Slowly, the stool moved forward and Mry moved one foot forward then 15 seconds later her other foot!

Her first ‘words’! I picked a crying baby up and said ‘Do you want mom?’ in a regular voice. She instantly stopped crying and said ‘mommom’! Another time mary was playing and as soon as she saw me she said ‘bub bub bub bub bubble’. Kinda like ‘Big Brother’, right?  Another time I was holding mary and as soon as she saw Caroline she said ‘bob’ I don’t think mary knew what she was saying that time but Caroline thinks she called her Bob.

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