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Why is God punishing Limhi’s people in Mosiah 7? They seem pretty righteous to me! Well, now there are, but before they weren’t. A little while before, Limhi’s father, King Noah, killed the prophet, Abinadi. The people were punished for that. Then, Limhi became king and helped the people repent. But by that time, it was too late. They were already taken by the Lamanites even before Noah was king. Wait! I don’t remember reading about Abinidi yet! Well, that’s because you didn’t.

Chapters 9 through 22 of Mosiah are going back in time. Somewhere in-between verses 19 and 20 of Omni, some people decided they wanted to go back to the land they were just driven out of. Yeah, who knows why. Of course, they were taken into bondage. That man was named Zeniff. Once he died, his son, Noah, became king, who I told about above. So chapters 9-22 are Zeniff’s record of where his people went for the first quarter of Mosiah.

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