ML 2018 Event 6: Block Pushing

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Please remember that the team rosters have changed since I filmed this event, so Greeny and Jack are NOT retiring.

‘The Mom* Team’ gave a demonstration-0:00


White Cans-4:28


Big Blues-7:29

Note on Big Blues (not in video, SPOILER OF THE FINAL EVENT SCORES, select text to see)-It is true that I forgot to give the Big Blues their last push, but it is okay (I guess) since they did get 1st place.




This Event Scores-11:43

Contest Winners-12:15

All ML Scores-12:09

In the video, I said that it was the dads; it was actually the moms.

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One team member goes down the top funnel while the other member goes down the other funnel. I measure how far they go to the end of the block sitting on the track. I repeat three times from where they ended up.
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