Nomads and Cave Paintings

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Some of the first people were nomads. Nomads did not live in houses or apartment buildings like we do. Nomads lived in caves and tents. Nomads wandered or roamed around instead of staying in one place. Nomads hunted for food. They ate lizards and snakes and fish. They ate fruit and berries. The dads hunted for deer and other animals. Nomads drew pictures on walls of caves.

Here are some cave paintings. I drew these grapes because nomads would eat grapes.cave painting grapesMom drew a picture of a deer because dads hunted for deer.

cave painting deer


To make your own cave painting, take a piece of paper and crumble it up. Next, uncrumble the paper and draw your own picture with charcoal and pastels. You can mix colors together by putting a little of two colors on top of each other and rubbing them together with your finger.

Some nomads settled near the Nile and others settled in the fertile crescent. They were farmers instead of nomads. The fertile crescent is in between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. It is called the fertile crescent because fertile means the land is good for farming and it is shaped like a crescent moon. The difference between settling in the two places is that the Nile River will overflow every year but the other would not.


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