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One day, we were eating breakfast, and we looked out the window and saw not one, but two ducks! Throughout their visit, we realized that they were molting, and therefore couldn’t fly. Since Woods Creek, the nearest body of water, is about a quarter-mile away, we were surprised they walked all the way over here!

In any case, we went outside to (from a distance) observe them and take some pictures. Here are my favorites!

When we got out, they were resting. We played outside until they woke up.

In this picture, the hen is just waking up from a rest.
And so was the drake.
The hen started walking in our direction…
..and the drake joined her.
They stopped for a minute,
then turned away from us.
They kept waddling.
They looked around.
Once again, they changed directions. The drake ruffled his feathers. This is how we knew they were molting.
Wait, where did the hen’s head go? It disappeared! No, she’s just ruffling her feathers too. Her head really got in there!
After their ruffling, they kept walking.
The ducks weren’t doing much, so I took a picture of our tree.
And a dandelion.
The ducks crossed the yard and entered the neighbors’.

They crossed the street (safely, good) and headed towards the creek. Soon, we could no longer see them. I wonder what happened to them.

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