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I made up a new game to practice Spanish-with cards from Mille Bornes! Here are the instructions!

To win you need to be the first player to reach at least 9,850 miles!

Supplies needed:

  • the game of Mille Bornes
  • sheet of Spanish and English words/sentences (optional)


There are a couple of different ways to prepare.

Way one:

  1. Sort out the cards so 2-3 piles are miles, one is the green cards, and one is the red cards.

Way two:

  1. Sort out the cards so one pile is 100s/200s (these are together because there are not very many 200s), one is 50s, one is 25s, one is the green cards (light and dark) , and one is the red ones.

Way three:

  1. Shuffle the cards.
  2. Split the deck to at least six about even piles (or as many as you many as you want, as long as there are more than 20 in each pile!)

You can make up your own piles too!

Any way you prepare it, there are a couple more things you have to do!

  1. Turn the piles upside-down.
  2. Mix the piles up so you don’t know which is which.
  3. Randomly grab 5 cards for each player (do not take more than one from a pile for each player!)
  4. Make a discard pile by putting a random card from any pile face up by the upside-down piles.
  5. Keep the sheet handy!

And any way you prepare it, the rules are the same!

  1. The oldest player goes first!
  2. The person to your left gives you a sentence in Spanish and you translate it! (If the other player needs help finding a sentence he can refer to the reference sheet!) {You can ask for the answer to one word!} [Articles and conjunctions count as half a word!)
  3. If you get at least two words wrong, your turn is over. Otherwise, you have to play miles, a safety card, give somebody else a hazard card (speed limit, accident, and so on), or discard.
  4. You randomly grab a card from any pile and store it in your hand. Play passes counterclockwise.

To get rid of hazard cards on your pile on your turn put down the card you need to go again! (Look at the game rules for examples.)

To place cards you put 200, 100, 75, 50, and 25 separate. Remedy cards and their repairs go in your drive pile. Speed limits and safety cards go in two more separate piles.

If you have questions tell me in the comments.

If you do not have Mille Bornes, buy it! It is a fun game, English or Spanish!

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