Stop Bob’s Destroyer!

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John Miller and Mary Miller anxiously stared at their message wall, a wall that automatically showed all of their announcements. It read “Gold in California, Chicago, Planet Texas.” In 3160, which was five years before, they had moved to Boston, Illinois, Planet Texas.

“Oh no!” explained Mary “Bob will power his destroyer with the gold!”

“You’re right! We must stop him!” John ran to start up to start their mechanical horse and wagon.

“Wait!” Mary called.

John stopped.

“We don’t have to stop him!” realized Mary. “We can tell Officer Hemphill!”

“You’re right! We can!” responded John.

“If he believes us” worriedly thought Mary

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At the police station, they told Officer Hemphill about Bob.

“Officer Hemphill! Officer Hemphill!” they shouted.

“Bob?’ Officer Hemphill asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes! He is going to destroy–“

Officer Hemphill cut Mary off. “Bob Toms will not destroy everybody’s business but his,” he stated.

“Yes he is! Remember last time? And the time before that?” John asked.

“Last time?” He snorted. “When you insisted that he was going through time and space 9 light-centuries and 1293 years just to get to the 1849 Milky Way Earth Gold Rush? Nothing happened! And the time before that, the 3124 Chad earthquake, was an earthquake! There was no gold!” declared Officer Hemphill.

“Last time we had to brake Bob’s time-space travel machine!” Mary was doing all she could to get Officer Hemphill on their side. “And the time before that–”

“And the time before that, the ‘earthquake’ was Bob’s destroyer on the way to Kansas, Chad.” Officer Hemphill rolled his eyes. “I do not believe a word of what you are saying. Good-bye.”

John and Mary grudgingly turned to leave the station. They knew they had to stop Bob.

John and Mary set out with their mechanical horse and wagon. Suddenly, it started pouring, and when the Oklahoma River soon came in sight, it was flooded!

“We have to cross,” John told Mary, “but the water’s too high!”

Text Box“Look! A bridge!” Across the roaring, raging river, there was a rickety old bridge, which Mary pointed to.

“We can’t go there, because it would break!” John nervously cried.

“Please?” Mary begged.

“Okay,” John reluctantly agreed.

John leaded the mechanical horse and wagon across, but the bridge could not hold! Snap! The bridge had broken! John and Mary scrambled across to the other side, but the mechanical horse and wagon slipped into the water. They found it washed up on the shore.

“Good thing I put the tools in a waterproof box!” John fixed the mechanical horse and they were on their way.

When John and Mary arrived in California, they were in a ghost town! California was completely empty. However, Bob was there! He used his gold finder machine, but he found no gold! Others had already taken the gold. This was not what they expected. Usually there was a fight! Bob, seeing them, turned off his loud gold finder.

“Bob, the gold is now gone,” whispered John.

“How can you be so positive?” distrustfully responded Bob.

“If there is gold, it won’t matter,” answered Mary.

“You would get it,” started John.

“Your destroyer would be fueled,” continued Mary.

“You would destroy everybody’s businesses except yours.” John wondered what Mary’s plan was.

“Everybody would have to go to yours.” Mary hoped Bob was listening.

“I know! That’s my plan, which you keep wrecking!” Bob reached to turn his machine back on.

“But wait!” Mary quickly shouted. “Everybody would go bankrupt because they would be out of a job.”

“You would go out of business because nobody could come,” John caught on.

“Everybody would starve.” Mary informed Bob.

“There would be nothing left on the planet! Texas would become like a large city of California, a ghost planet,” concluded John.

“I see what you mean,” understood Bob, braking his gold finder. “I will stop.”

Bob, John, and Mary rode back to Boston together, and Bob promised to never destroy anybody’s businesses.

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