The Native American Homes

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by Mommy illustrated by Paul (Mommy is typing what Paul says.)

The wigwam was made in the Northern Woodlands. The longhouse was built in the Northern Woodlands too. The teepees were built in plains (My favorite house that they made  It is my favorite because when we say it, it sounds funny! It was made out of buffalo skins and sticks.) The chickees were made in the Everglades. The wattle and daub was made in the Everglades too. The adobe houses were made in the Southwest. The plankhouses were made in the Northwest coast. The igloos were made in the Artic.


Paul’s Native American homes in play doh

IMG_3515 A teepee with sticks and “buffalo skins”


An igloo made of “ice” blocks


An adobe home made of “clay and mud”

There were lots of different Native Americas. We also call them the American Indians.

Pauls Native American Homes Wkst

How Columbus Knew About North America

Once upon  a time, there were people who wanted to go to Asia. They wanted to go to Asia because they wanted to get spices. They were in Europe. They sailed in ships West. When they got to land, there were many people. They thought they were over in Asia in India. Then, they started calling those people Indians because that is who they thought they were. And then many people died. Then, Columbus said, “We have new land!” And the Indians said, “No! We live here. Ehhhhhh, I’m dying.” And then Columbus lived happily ever after. The End.

(typed by Mommy as Paul told me to write)

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