We Need To Care

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We need to care about other people because they are also people. They also have feelings. They matter! And as long as we’re sharing this earth with them, we might as well be nice to them. If we weren’t sharing the earth with anybody else, we would have no purpose, and life would be really boring. Plus, if we aren’t nice to them, they might not be nice to us or help us if we need help. We are all equal, so why don’t we treat each other like we are? We need to understand that other people might have problems that we might not have. Because of those problems, they might not be able to do, or might not understand, everything we want them to do. If we understand and appreciate their problems, we might be able to understand them better. Understanding them helps them understand us. If they understand us, it’s easier for them to do what we would like them to do. If they aren’t able to do what we want them to do, we might get frustrated. And nobody likes being frustrated. So, try to understand them, they can understand us, and everybody will be happy.

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