2018 ML Event 2: Long Jump

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note: The Long Jump has been called ‘The High Jump’ accidently.

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In the video, Paul and Caroline gave an introduction. 0:00 to 1:32

Next, teams went. 1:32 to 6:00

Last, I showed scores. 6:00 to 10:58

Clearys 1:34

White Cans 1:53

Multi-Greens 2:10

Big Blues 2:43

Multis 3:41

Rainbows 4:55

O’rangers 5:41

This vid scores 6:00

All ML scores 8:19

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A quick note. 0:00


When I first got the idea of the MarbleLymic Games, I recorded a bunch of events. I moved them to my computer, deleted them
from my tablet, and tried to play them. They were corrupted, except for the Long Jump Bloopers. It was going to be the first event.
Although I don’t have the event, you can watch the bloopers of the LJ first try.


The sideline was too close. 0:20

The marble works falls. 1:05

The marbles spill. 2:18

Round 2. 2:49

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Original plan

Round 1

The original plan was that a team would get four chances to get a high score. First, I would put a marble down the jump, and when it stops, the amount of inches would be their score. After all the teams had gone, their current amount of inches would be added to the score. Their score could be changed if they were bumped, which loses the bumper a 1/4 point.

Round 2

After all the teams had gone I would had put them back and the other team members would go, same rules as before.

Chain Reaction Bumps (CRBs)

If a marble bumps and that marble bumps somebody else, it is called a CRB. The result of a CRB is that both teams lose a 1/4 point.

Why it changed

It changed because in Round 2, Bows of the Rainbows was forgotten! Same rules as before, but only one round.

Score Examples

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