A Long and Tough Journey

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In 1620, a group of English Puritans, who wanted to freely worship God, boarded the Mayflower to America. Then, the sailors saw dark clouds up ahead! The lightning flashed. The thunder crashed. Wind and waves rocked the boat. The Pilgrims stayed below on the crowded gun deck. The Pilgrims were wet, cold, and scared.

A Pilgrim named John Howland, who did not like how crowded it was, went up to the main deck. Suddenly, the ship rolled and John fell off! As he fell, John quickly grabbed a dangling rope and screamed for help. Luckily, the sailors had seen what had happened. They lowered a boat hook so John could climb up. John was relieved to be safely back on the boat. Down below, his friends were glad to see he was safe. However, they knew the journey would be long and troublesome.

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