Boone Creek Conservation Area

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Dad and I went to the Boone Creek Conservation Area. First he taught me about shudder speed and how if I slow it down and take a picture of something moving really fast, the picture is not blurry.

Then we went on a walk!

I thought that this was an odd thing to encounter.
I like close-up pictures of flowers like this!
What on earth is that!?!?!?
Does that not look like a face?
I don’t know why I like this one; I just do.
I love the contrast on this one!
I like how the background is blurry but the foreground isn’t.
Why is the tree tied?
I like how I could tilt the camera and get a cool looking picture.
I took a picture of Dad looking at pictures.
I like how the weeds and the rock contrast.
I like the color of the moss on the rock.
I like how I got the pole almost all the way in front of the tree!
I like the vivid colors!
Same for this one!

To me, the footprint looks like it’s on the moon!

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