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Today I am doing a book report on 3 Elephant and Piggie books. I am planning to post every book in the series, three books every week.
Today I am starting with

Order shown Title Author Book number Awards
1. Elephants cannot dance Mo Willems # 9 none
2. We are in a book Mo Willems # 13 Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor
3. The thank you book Mo Willems # 25 none

(click on pictures for source)

e's cannot dance COVER

In Elephants Cannot Dance, Piggie is excited to teach Gerald how to dance, but elephants cannot dance!
G-but e's can't dance

Gerald tries, but when he doses everything wrong,
p-spin g-spin p-stop g-stop

he gives up! But did he fail to dance?

I like this book because Gerald is such a silly dancer!


in book COVER

In We Are in a Book, Piggie and Gerald have lots of fun playing with the reader,
in book g laufh

but what about when the book ends?
in book g upset

In this book, I like how Gerald and Piggie know that they are being read.

Thank You-Book COVER

In the last book in the series, (Willems is not writing any more Elephant and Piggie books), The Thank You Book, Piggie decides to thank everyone!
thank you p thanks

Gerald think Piggie is forgetting somebody, but who?
thank you g forgget

I like The Thank You Book because the end is surprising.

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