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In the 3rd millennium, in the 21st century, in the decade of 2010, in the year of 2016, in the eighth month, in the first week of the month, on the second day of the month, I went to Santa’s Village AZoosment Park! The whole amusement park is Christmas themed.

(The green rides are rides Mom and Mary went on too.)

  1. First we went on the Snowball Ride. They have these giant snowballs that you can ride in while the snowballs are getting thrown and spun all around the area! I think it’s like you are a snowball and somebody is throwing you around.
  2. Next we went on the Balloon Race! They have these balloons that you can ride in while the balloons are rising up and getting spun all around the area on a slight angle! (It’s not really a race!)
  3. Then we went on the Kringle’s Convey! They have these cars with a cab and an open back. It fits 4. There are four steering wheels in each car. You ride in them and ‘pretend’ to drive while the cars are getting moved around the area!
  4. Next we went on Santa’s Tree House Slide. It has wooden stairs that you climb up to the small shaded area at the top. Then you go over to the metal slide and go down!
  5. Then we went on Mighty Mate. They have this small little boat that you can ride in while the boat swings up and down, up and down!
  6. Next we went on the Little Boat Ride! They have these boats that you can ride in while the boats are getting slowly spun around and around in a circle. It’s too slow for me!
  7. Then we went on the Dractor Dragon Coaster! They have this dragon that you can ride in while the dragon is going all around the area super-fast! I think it’s really fun! Caroline thinks it’s scary. This one is my favorite!
  8. Next we ate lunch.
  9. Then we met Santa! We talked to him and he told us how he delivered presents! He talked really fast, but there was a map!Caroline asked Santa for a Unicorn. A pretend one would be okay.
  10. Next we went on the Star Jets! They have these cars that you can ride in while the they are getting spun in a circle again and again! It’s not very fast.
  11. Then we went on SVFD Engine #3! There’s this fire truck that you ride in. The fire truck drives halfway across the park to this small pretend house with orange lights in the windows. Then the sprayers turn on and water comes out of them. The people in the front row aim the sprayers at the house. After a minute the orange lights and the sprayers turn off, and the fire truck goes back to the station. This one is mom’s favorite!
  12. Next we went on Jed’s Antique Country Crusers! There’s these cars that you ride in, but you have to push the gas pedal to the floor, but it doesn’t go too fast. The track goes all around the area. Halfway around the track goes through a fake ‘car wash’ where sometimes there are misters on! (The car has windows, but they are just holes!) Then there is a sign that tell you to turn of the gas! A person comes and pushes another gas pedal on the outside of the car. He drives the car to the exit and we go out!
  13. Then we went on Wacky Worm! It’s like the Dractor Dragon Coaster with these exceptions:
  • It’s called Wacky Worm, not Dractor Dragon Coaster!
  • It’s not my favorite, it’s Caroline’s!
  • It looks like a caterpillar instead of a two-headed dragon.
  • Caroline does not think it’s scary.
  • It’s not that fast.

Everything else about this ride and the Dractor Dragon Coaster is the same!

    1. Next we went on the Azoosment Country Carousel. Just like a regular carousel with horses and benches. It was Mary’s favorite. I know because it was the only one that she thought different. Me, Mary, And Caroline were on horses. Mom was standing and holding Mary’s hand.
    2. Then we went on Mega Velocity. They have these cars that you can ride in while they are getting thrown and spun all around the area! You get push to the sides because it’s Mega Velocity!
    3. Finally, went on the Viking Sea Dragon! I wish I didn’t. It’s like the Mighty Mate with these exceptions:
  •  It’s called Viking Sea Dragon, not Mighty Mate!
  • It looks like a two-headed dragon instead of a boat
  • I think it’s scary.
  • It goes up very high, it almost goes upside-down!.

Everything else about this ride and Mighty Mate is the same!

  1. Then we went home!

Mary turned 10 months old today! But most things here is too big for her, so she’s just hanging out. What a great sport!

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