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We needed a new table, so we went on a drive looking for one! 

Photos taken along Lake-Cook Road and U.S. Route 14 from Algonquin to Barrington.


It kinda looks like the water tower is on the trees! Algonquin, Illinois

I love the contrast between the building and the sky! Algonquin, Illinois


The first place we went to didn’t have a table we liked, so we kept driving!


Lake Barrington, Illinois

Barrington, Illinois


Then we went to a second store, and they had one!


Barrington, Illinois


We drove home, then Dad drove back to pick it up. He couldn’t get it before because he had to put down the backseats to make it fit. But still, they had to take off the lags of the table for it to fit!

When Dad got back home with the table, I helped him put it back together. He couldn’t find a few decorative pieces, so we just didn’t put them in. But then, once we finished and he was opening and closing the drawers of the table we found them! Oops, well, whatever.

We moved the old table to be a craft table in the basement.

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