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June 26th-July 6th we went to Utah! Grandma’s house is in Utah. We had a fun time.

In the car there we did surprises again. But we got them all on the way there.

We went to Aunt Jenny’s house. At Aunt Jenny’s house we got to play outside in the sun with their neighbor Sophia. We played in the wading pool and ran through the sprinkler. Audrey, Samuel, Leah, and Sophia played fairies. We ate chicken nuggets, water, grapes, and carrots outside. We got a haunted house ready but we ended up not doing it. We played Playdough restaurant instead.

At Grandma’s house my cousin Josh and I made a restaurant. When he came to dinner we started the restaurant. We made menus. We finished making the restaurant the next day. (Picture of a menu available soon) That night my Ray cousins came over to Grandma’s for dinner and a sleepover!

Business was good. Grandma, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Trent, Mason, and Levi came. Then the disaster came. It was 3 People, Caden, Mr. Mustache, and a food critic. (They were all the same person pretending to be different people.) Caden is older than all the other customers. He visited twice. First he dumped his kabob on the floor. Second he wouldn’t order because of the cereal and gumballs on the menu. Mr. Mustache and the food critic attacked the kitchen and claimed to be workers. I don’t know why. I accepted them, but they were fired before long. After each, we had to close and clean up the restaurant. By this time Josh had gone home. Too bad. If he was still there when Caden came, as the owner and founder of the restaurant he could have straightened everything out.

My Ray cousins and I played mille bournes (a long, fun, car card game) at least twice. By this time it was about nine, after bedtime. My bed was next to Mason’s. We had blown-up beds. I have slept in mine before. Levi and Caden had the guest room. Caden had a reservation at the restaurant for 8:30 pm. I am glad we forgot. Levi had a reservation for 7:00 am. I am sad we forgot. For breakfast we had pancakes. They were good.

The rest of the time my cousins were here, we played restaurant. You can tell I really like to cook if I made two restaurants (a real restaurant and a Play-Dough restaurant!). In fact I played restaurant the rest of the week!

July 2nd – 4th my dad and I went to Mexican Hat. For more information click here. (post to come soon)

After Mexican Hat on the 4th we went to Grandma’s best friend Mary Ann’s house. Mary Ann had rented a bouncy house. It was fun. Inside the bouncy house there was a basketball hoop. There were two sets of three stairs both leading up to a slide. At the top there was a hose with holes. Water sprayed out of the holes and on to us. At the bottom there was a pool of water. (Grandma Sorenson, It was kind of like the pool of water you put out under the slide and let the garden hose hang on to the slide, on the fourth of July, if you know what I mean!)

I went down the slide many times and when they came to take it down Miles kept saying: “Why are you taking it down? I am not done yet!” I then ate good food. I then pulled little kids who wanted to around the yard in a wagon until it was time to go.

I had a really fun time at Grandma’s house. Bye!

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  • What a great trip you had! Thanks for the report. We can’t wait to get the full report from Mexican Hat, too. I hope you took some pictures to post for us.
    We love you. Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson

    • sorry i haven’t added the full report from Mexican Hat. but soon i will post my favorite pics out of all of the pics i have ever took

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