What happens when you read in bed

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This post tells about what I got in January of 2017

I am a big boy. I read late in my bed. I used to be on a bunk bed. Then Mary is in one room going to sleep, Caroline is sleeping on the bottom, and I was reading on the top! It just did not make sense and Caroline said she could not sleep because of my light. So Mary was moved into our room and I was moved into Mary’s old room. Then, I was sleeping on the floor until my bed came.

Q=Why did I need a new bed?

A=because the bottom bunk would not fit! It would not fit in my room with the big dresser; it would not fit in Caroline’s room with the small dresser, the crib, and the chair. The big dresser had to go to me because it would not fit in Caroline’s room with any bunk of the bunk bed, the crib, and the chair.

The bed was supposed to come Dec 31, but it did not. It got lost. Mom re-ordered it for 12-3 pm Jan 27, but it did not come. It finally came 10:45 Jan 27.

We made the bed. It was a loft bed with a desk underneath.

The next day, Dad went and bought some things for me. When he came home that night, he unpacked

  • A computer monitor
  • A sub-woofer, two speakers, and a volume control (in one package)
  • A desk lamp
  • A piano keyboard
  • A computer keyboard and a computer mouse (in one package)
  • A DVD reader/writer
  • A USB hub
  • An extension cord
  • A power strip

Q=Where did my things go?


I think it is funny that all of this happened just because I go to bed at eight instead of seven!

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