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Once I was cleaning my computer’s files, and I found a .m3u file. I opened it with the default (WMP), and it turned out to be a┬áplaylist of LDS songs.┬áBy learning more I found out it is just simple code! I viewed the code by opening with notepad:



Children’s SongbookCS_002_IAmAChildOfGod_eng.mp3


Children’s SongbookCS_004_ILivedInHeaven_eng.mp3


Children’s SongbookCS_005_IKnowMyFatherLives_eng.mp3


Children’s SongbookCS_009_CanALittleChildLikeMe_eng.mp3


Children’s SongbookCS_014_IPrayInFaith_eng.mp3


Children’s SongbookCS_016_ChildrenAllOverTheWorld_eng.mp3


and so on.

It’s really simple really. See, this is the code as the CPU sees it:



I think the


is just something that tells the CPU the function to use, and what to do with the info.

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