Science Fun: Plants, Butterflies, and Crickets

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Last week, we learned about butterflies and caterpillars. I got to see a caterpillar. It was in a jar. It was sticking to the top of the jar because it was making a cocoon. It will be a butterfly.

We went into the backyard and saw the plants. Here is how long they were.

After one week (May 22)

Radish: 3 1/2 cm

Lettuce: 0 cm

Spinach: 1/2 cm

The plants came from seeds that I planted two weeks ago (on May 15). Mommy made the trench and I poured the seeds in.

Today, we learned about what a scientist does. We learned how to draw like a scientist. Then we learned how an artist draws and writes about science.

Then I wrote a poem about a green bean plant. Here is my title: Plants. Here is my poem.


leaves, green

growing, blooming, living

brown and white roots down

the bean plant

Next we observed our plants outside. Here is how big they were this week:

After two weeks (May 29)

Radish: 7 1/2 cm

Lettuce: 1/2 cm

Spinach: 6 cm

Then I drew a picture of radish and spinach leaves.

Paul BackyardSci week2plants


We saw butterflies in a cocoon. Two started wiggling. We quickly put them in the butterfly house. They are going to come out! Here is my picture of the cocoon.


Paul BackyardSciweek3butterfly


Next we read about crickets. I observed crickets. They have six legs. The back legs are fat. They need them fat to jump. I made a drawing. Here is my drawing.

Paul BackyardSci week3crickets

For homework, I have to go to my backyard and look for insects.




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