Data Science

Data science turns data into knowledge. Many people think that data science is about making complex models, writing code, or parsing large amounts of data, but it is not. It is making predictions and very educated guesses. It is finding trends and patterns. That is when people need to make complex models and write code and parse large amounts of data. A data scientist’s goal is to extract information from data, and nobody cares what tools they use. A data scientist would write code to find very complicated patterns that humans could never detect. Sometimes they would identify trends in […]

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Paul’s Coding

Lately, I have been learning the programming languages PHP (server-side scripting) and JavaScript (client-side scripting). I’ve already learned HTML5 (web pages) and CSS (web formatting). Soon, I’ll start learning MySQL (databases) and jQuery (compressed JavaScript). I’m going to put all my work on a new subdirectory to my photo gallery site. I already have some things on there, although none of them competed other than The Periodic Table of Elements. You can access the new directory by clicking here or on the new “Paul’s Coding” link in the header.

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A Race to Space

“[We] should commit … [ourselves] to achieving the goal before this decade is out,” U.S. President John F. Kennedy proposed to Congress on May 25, 1961, “of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” Over 35 years before, the U.S. and the Union of…

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Change Titles of .M3U files

In the last post, I explained .M3U files. Now I will tell you how to change titles. Sometimes the title of the song would be the same as the file name.     So we look at the code: #EXTINF:0,CS_002_IAmAChildOfGod_eng.mp3 Children’s SongbookCS_002_IAmAChildOfGod_eng.mp3 You remember this: #EXTINF:0,<TITLE> <ADDRESS OF FILE><FILE NAME>…

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.M3U Playlists

Once I was cleaning my computer’s files, and I found a .m3u file. I opened it with the default (WMP), and it turned out to be a playlist of LDS songs. By learning more I found out it is just simple code! I viewed the code by opening with notepad: #EXTM3U #EXTINF:0,2017-04-5061-keep-the-commandments-256k-eng.mp3…

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Snapping Turtles

If you hit a sibling, your mom would be mad. Nevertheless, if you were a snapping turtle and you used your brothers and sisters as stepstools when climbing out of the nest, there would be no “Go to your room”. The mom left more than 75 days ago! (Also, there…

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The Chicago River Lock

The Chicago River runs backward.  It used to go into Lake Michigan, but using a lock, the flow was reversed! The flow was changed because the dirty river was dirtying the city’s clean drinking water. The Chicago Harbor Lock is important to the people in Chicago. A lock helps boats…

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Wild Buffalo

Wild Buffalo Buffalo, which are usually wild, eat three-inch long gamma grass. The buffalo’s sharp and pointy horns dig into the ground and the buffalo roll around playfully in the soft Kansas prairie to create buffalo wallows. Birds eat clingy ticks off the wooly beasts. Wild buffalo must look silly….

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The First Airplane

The First Airplane The Wright brothers, who were named Orville (1874-1929 in Ohio) and Wilbur (1867 in Indiana to 1912 in Ohio), invented the first airplane. Before they tried flying, they built bicycles and unique kites. The brothers began testing gliders for people in 1900. They successfully flew for the…

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How a Light Switch Works

When you flip a switch, you close the circuit so now the circuit looks like this: Closing the circuit, you connect the wire with the rest of the circuit! But why couldn’t you turn on the light before? Before the circuit looked like this:Looking at this diagram, we can see that not…

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Santa’s Vilage

In the 3rd millennium, in the 21st century, in the decade of 2010, in the year of 2016, in the eighth month, in the first week of the month, on the second day of the month, I went to Santa’s Village AZoosment Park! The whole amusement park is Christmas themed. (The green rides are rides Mom and…

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Seeds and Plants

Today, we learned about seeds and plants. First, I touched seeds (Lima beans). One was hard. Two were soft. The soft ones were a little bit squishy. When my friend Michael squished his too hard, the seed coat came off the seed. Then, I got seeds and planted them in…

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The Earth’s Crust Game

Mom and I read through a book about the Earth. We learned how the Earth’s crust moves, what volcanoes and earthquakes are, and what all of that means for us. We made an “Earth’s Crust” board game.

Landing on a volcanic eruption costs you two tokens, and the squares before and after it are labeled “volcanic ash” and cost you one token. A “sleeping volcano” earns you a token. Landing on an earthquake also costs you a token.

We made questions from sentences from the book. When we land on a blank space on the board, we have to answer a question. Right answers get us more tokens.

Whoever has the most tokens when we’re done playing the game wins!