Science Fun: Dissection and Camouflage

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Tuesday night, I went to a dissection party! Mrs. Williams had a Frog, cricket, starfish, fish, crayfish, pig, and a worm. I saw the frog’s heart, dissected a cricket and worm, and saw the pig’s spinal cord. The starfish was hard. Mom cut out the crayfish eyeballs. I liked it because it was cool to see all those animal parts.

dissecting2Wednesday, I went to Backyard Science class.

Here is what I learned. Not all plants come from seeds. We measured our plants.

After 3 weeks (June 5)

Radish: 13 1/2 cm

Lettuce: 2 cm

Spinach: 6 cm (The radish leaves are shading the Spinach, so it does not get much sun)

Before we measured the plants, we let the butterflies go! We named them Flutter, Butter, Flitter, and Fly. They did not come back. They went to find a leaf. On the leaf, they will lay an egg.

I wrote a butterfly story.

butterfly picture

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

When the egg hatched, out came a caterpillar. Later, she ate and ate and ate. She got so fat that she shed her skin twice. She started to build her cocoon. Then she shed her skin again and finished her cocoon. She went inside and grew and grew. In two weeks, she came out. She was a butterfly! She went and found a leaf. She lay an egg. It all started again.

Here is a video of me singing this story song.

Then we learned about camouflage. I saw a video that showed about camouflaged animals. It is this video! My favorite is number 1. You can’t even see it! (Hint on seeing it: The eye is in the middle.)

Back in the basement, I made a bug and I hid it. The teachers had to find it. But it was camouflaged! Here is my bug.



There is only more week of class! I am sad about that. I want it to go on forever!



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