Snow Day!

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It snowed on 5/16/14. That’s today! I was reading and Caroline looked out the window. Mom came in.

“Oh goodness! It’s snowing! ” she said.

“It’s snowing?” came a voice. Dad came in next.

I looked out the window too. Caroline and I were both looking out the window. The snow was tiny flakes and big flakes. It did not stick for a while, but then it started to stick.

Then we said the family prayer before Dad went to work. Then Caroline and I watched the snow from Mom’s window. Then I saw Dad’s car back out.

“Look, Caroline.┬áThere is Daddy’s car,” I said.

We came out of Mom’s room and I said, “I want to do a blog post. I’m going to call it ‘Snow Day!’

I am excited to see more snow!


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