The Destruction of the Tea

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is George Robert Twelves Hewes. In 1770, I suffered an injury in the Boston Massacre and I took part in the Boston Tea Party in 1773. English colonists did not want to buy English tea, which England had taxed. The colonists angrily thought the tax was unfair. On November 28, The Dartmouth arrived at Griffins Wharf, Boston, The Eleanor on December 2, and The Beaver on December 15.(a) The William was also scheduled to arrive; however, it was caught in a storm at Cape Cod on December 10, 1773. The ships were not British; Americans built and owned them.(b) However, the British East India(c) Company owned their shipment of over 100 crates of tea each. The disobedient colonists rebelliously refused to unload it. However, the Royal Governor of Boston demanded we empty it by December 16.

I am in a group called The Sons of Liberty. We do not like the unfair tea tax. On the night(d) of December 16, which was the day the tea would be unloaded, we acted. A small few of us rubbed our faces with soot and painted red and blue stripes on them to hide our identity and make us look quickly resemble Indians. We picked up axes and departed for the harbor.

At the harbor, over 116(e) Sons of Liberty divided into 3 parties, one for each ship. I was appointed boatswain of the party that boarded Dartmouth, which meant I was to get the key to the crates. If I could not get the key, we would chop crates open and drop them into the ocean. It took three hours to open 342 chests and drop over 92,000 pounds(f) of tea. The crowd happily cheered. This event, called The Destruction of the Tea in Boston, was dubbed the Boston Tea Party in 1834.


A-The ships came from London.

B-The Rotch’s, a Nantucket Quaker family, owned The Beaver and The Dartmouth. The Eleanor was one of several owned by leading Boston merchant, John Rowe.

C-The tea was grown in China, not India.

D-The party started at 7 pm and went on for 3 hours.

E-Today, we still do not know how many people took part.

F-Roughly 46 tons

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