This Week’s Book Reviews: Bread, Growing, and Moving

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Hooray for Bread by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman. This book is about making and eating bread. The bread gets eaten by the baker and his family. Also, dogs and ducks and birds and a mouse eat some bread. The mouse eats a crumb. All of the animals say “Hooray for bread!” The humans are happy in all of the pictures too. I liked the story and the pictures in this book.

Rooting for You: A Moving Up Story by Susan Hood and illustrated by Matthew Cordell. This book is about a seed growing. At the beginning of the book, the seed was scared to grow up. When he got bored, he stuck a root out. It was frustrating because he bumped in to a rock! But then a worm talked to him and made him want to grow.  The seed met a spider, and bugs and ants were with him as he grows up. When he got out in to the fresh air, he kept growing until he was a big, big, big sunflower!

I like the way how the author made everything underground (except the dirt) and some things above ground talk. I also liked the pictures. Some of them were fold-out pictures as the seed grew bigger!

Bad Bye, Good Bye by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Jonathan Bean. This book is about a boy moving. In the story, the boy is mad because he thinks the moving person is taking away his toys! I know that from the pictures. Every page only has two or four words. For example, the first page says, “Bad day Bad box.” In the middle, the words describe what is in the car and what is out of the car. In the end, the phrases start with “New” or “Good.” At the end, the boy makes a new friend and is happy again.

I liked the book because I liked the way the author  and illustrator made every page focus on one thing. In the beginning the backgrounds are in black and white and fading away. The boy is in color, though. I also liked the way the illustrator made the pictures explain the words.

I hope you liked my book reviews!

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