Paul’s Adventure

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Paul. And Paul’s parents were named Rebecca and Ryan. And the next day, Paul woke up and his parents Mommy and Daddy woke up. And then all the people took showers. And then Mommy and Daddy got dressed. Paul’s parents packed up to go to New York City. And Paul packed up to go to Sister Bethers’ house and his grandma’s house. They get in the car with all the stuff they want to take with them. And then Paul’s parents get in their new car and then they started to drive. But first one of Paul’s parents opened the garage to drive out.

Paul went to Sister Bethers’ house and his grandma’s house and his parents go to New York City. And then they get to a stoplight. And then the stoplight turned green. And then they finally go forward. And then they finally get to Sister Bethers’ house. And they ring the doorbell. So, Emily gets to the door and says “Who’s there?” And Paul plays with the Bethers in the basement. And then Paul plays with Rexie. And the next day, Paul woke up and someone rang the door bell and it was Grandma! Paul’s Grandma!

Paul came to his grandma. And then they walked to the car and Paul got in his seat. Grandma got in her seat. And they drive. And then it was very far to Grandma’s house. When they get to Grandma’s house, Paul played with Marble Works. And then all of Paul’s cousins were there. And then they go swimming. Grandpa opened up the pool. And then Grandma turned on the heat and it was just right. And then they get out and wash their hair. Grandma opened up the door and they get dressed.

Then they get in the car again and go to the train restaurant. When they get there, Grandpa opened up the door and they get in. And then they play with the trains. And they go back to their seat and get what they want to eat. They play with the trains some more. And then their food comes back on a little train. And then they eat. And they get back in the car and go to Grandma’s house again.

And the next day, it was Sunday and Paul go visit Jessica and Daniel. And Jessica came to Paul. And they got in the car to go to church. They finally got to church. They opened the doors and everyone got out. And then Grandpa came and then they had sacrament meeting. Paul and Jessica went to Jessica’s big Primary class. And then at the end, they went to Jessica’s little Sunbeam class. Two people kept turning the light on and off. But if they did that, their mom would going to come! And then all the family went home.
Then they went to sleep and the next day, they got up and had breakfast. And then they got to a parade. The parade was fun.

And then they go to a baseball game and watch it. Paul had ice cream on a stick! First he ate a big pretzel. And then he had dessert. And then he watched it. And then Paul tried to trick Jessica. They try to go backward and forward and push each other off the bench.But Grandma and Grandpa said to stop. And they went back home.
The End.

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