“The Rat and the Turtle” (A Story)

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Once upon a time, there was a rat. The Rat wanted to have a race with someone. But The Rat didn’t see anyone. Then he saw a turtle.

The Rat said, “Turtle, can you have a race with me?”

And The Turtle said, “Yes!”

The Dog said, “Ready, Set, Go!” and The Hen held up the flag for the finish line.

The Rat and The Turtle raced. But first The Rat got a drink. Then he started moving. Later, The Rat got tired but not the turtle.

The Turtle goes, “Golup, Golup, Golup” and The Turtle wins!

Then The Rat woke up and saw The Turtle win. And The Rat wins too. And then they get a prize. And then sprinkles come down from the sky.

And then The Rat and The Turtle went home. And the Rat and the Turtle brush their teeth. And they take off their clothes and put on pajamas. They went potty. And they read the Book of Mormon and say prayers and go to sleep. The next morning it was Christmas! And they eat breakfast and open their presents.

The End.

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