Poodie’s house

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Once upon a time, there was a baby cow. The cow was named Poodie. Poodie the cow was trying to find a cow house.

But the first thing he saw was a barn. And he saw a house. First he went on the sidewalk of the house and opened up the door. He saw people inside when he went inside the house.

Then he go to the door of the garage and he opened it up and go in the garage. And then he went out of the garage and closed the garage. And then all he saw was another barn.

And then he say a prayer, and this is what he said. The cow that was named Poodie said, “Dear Heavenly Father, Please give me a house. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

That’s what he said. And when he opened up his eyes, he saw a cow house and he went inside and saw his Mom and Dad! He went inside and played with his mom and dad. In the night-time he slept.

The End.

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