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What does it mean when Isaiah says that the Lord is our stumbling-block? 2 Nephi says first that the Lord “shall be our stone of stumbling” then that “many shall stumble and fall”. That makes it sound like the Lord makes us fall. But I know that that’s not it. In a previous post, I wrote “a stumbling block is something that helps us when we fall”. But how does it help us? I think it means that he will cushion our fall. For example, when we do something wrong, we figuratively “fall”. But the Lord “cushions our fall” and makes it easier to get back up.

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  • Actually, I think we make the Lord a stumbling block by our own stubborn-ness. A stumbling block is something in our way that causes us to mistep, trip, or stumble. So I don’t think a stumbling block helps us at all. The Lord can cushion our fall, but only because we are letting things become a stumbling block to us.

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