The Crazy Camping Trip | By Nathan, Paul, Caroline, Ronin, and Isabel.

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Once there was a pig. He was an ordinary pig, except for the fact that he loved to camp. One day when he was camping, he stumbled along a cow. He found out this cow also loved to camp. Indeed, this cow was so large, he could cause a tsunami by just sitting down in the ocean. The pig went along and asked if the cow could join him. They had a magnificent day. But there was one problem: the cow hated ice cream and the pig loved ice cream. So the pig ate the cow. Then he cooked him over the campfire and met a dragon who wanted some cow too, so the pig shared with him. They also did hopscotch with sticks.

Then a tree smacked them and said, “Did you know that ice cream is disgusting?” Then the dragon burned the tree with fire breath. And the pig and the dragon ate crispy apples and tree bark for a snack. The pig said, “Why don’t we have some potato chips?”. That dragon said he hated potato chips. So the pig tried to eat him, but the dragon roasted him. The dragon was still hungry, so he ate some grass, for some reason. Then a guy came along and he had thick armor. It was shiny so the dragon saw it. The man wanted to slay the dragon so he did just that. And then the dragon came back to life and got eaten by the pig, who was not dead since the dragon forgot to chew, from the inside. Then the knight exploded and the pig ate him too. The pig was so very full he exploded and the cow came back to life as well and lived happily ever after. The end.

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